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Nafplio is perhaps the most charming city of the Peloponnese! Combining intense life with archaeological monuments that do not leave anyone unimpressed, it is a popular destination for visitors from all over Greece.


A city of great historic significance!

Nafplio was the first capital of the newly established Greek state from 1823 to 1834. It is divided into the old and the new city, with the square and the park of Kapodistria being the dividing landmark. It was built, according to mythology, from Nafplio, the son of Poseidon and Danaida Anonymous.

During the Byzantine times and from the 11th century it was an important commercial center with constant growth. Several conquerors such as the Franks, the Venetians and the Turks had Nafplio in their possession. The present form of the city was formed at the end of the 15th century in the years of the first Venetian domination.

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Arvanitia Beach

If you stay in the old town, you can easily go there on foot. A perfect small beach, that all locals love, under the famous Palamidi and Acronafplia castles.

Karathona Beach

Favorite of locals, along with the natural beach of Arvanitia, Karathona turns you off from the stress of everyday life, and makes you part of an image, almost exotic, in few minutes! These are the good things of Nafplio. One minute you’re downtown, next remoteness.

nafplion greece - aethra boutique rooms
nafplion greece - aethra boutique rooms

Tolo Beach

A perfect beach called Psili Ammos, suitable for families. Here you will find everything: beach bars, water sports, restaurants, cafe.

Kastraki Beach

A small, quiet beach near Tolo. If you wish for a place to relax, then Kastraki Beach is the perfect place for you.

nafplion greece - aethra boutique rooms
nafplion greece - aethra boutique rooms

Plaka Beach

Just 700 meters from the village Drepanon, Plaka beach is accessible by car, bicycle even on feet. Plaka took her name from the large pieces of plaques found in some parts of the seabed. Here you have several options: You can find everything here, since the beach is organized with several beach bars and cafes. If you looking for a little privacy, you can enjoy the sun on the other half of the beach, which is free. If you have family then you can safely let your children to play.

Agios Nikolas - Kondili Beach

Perhaps is the most famous,crowded beach of the area. Beach bars, music, drinks, beautiful sea will give you an adventure in your holidays.

nafplion greece - aethra boutique rooms
nafplion greece - aethra boutique rooms

Kandia Beach

Kandia is a small village with a huge beach. Here you have a lot of choices: privacy, beach bars, restaurants, cafe, bars!

Kiveri Beach

Kiveri is a small village 12 klm away from Nafplio. Besides the two small beaches that you will find here, you can eat fresh fish in the small, graphic taverns.

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Argolida is an area of enormous archaeological wealth. If you have time to visit, it is worth visiting some of the area's attractions. The ancient theaters of Epidavros and Argos with their great acoustics,

the archaeological site of Mycenae with its enormous history, as well as so many other monuments scattered in Argolida, are waiting to be discovered and explored.