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Nafplio: romantic with dozens of attractions, suitable for all seasons, with countless entertainment options. A city that will cover all tastes!

nafplio sightseeing - aethra boutique rooms


Palamidi, which remains in impeccable condition, is one of the most beautiful castles in Greece. Its construction was completed in 1714 to serve the military and naval operations of the Venetians at that time. The bastions were built gradually, with the latter being built entirely by Turks. The liberation of Nafplio from the Turks started from the castle, while Theodoros Kolokotronis was imprisoned with the false accusation of treason. Palamidi is located on the homonymous hill and you can get there by car, or by climbing the stairs leading to the castle. According to tradition, the stairs are 999 and the 1000th was broken by Kolokotronis’ horse.


Bourtzi was built on the islet of Saint Theodoros in 1473 by the Italian engineer Gambelos, and its original name was Castello dello Soglio (Castle of the Throne), while in Turkish Bourtzi means fortress-island. It was used as a fortress, it was the residence of the Palamidi dynasties, it has twice hosted the Greek government, and between 1960-1970 it was a luxurious hotel and restaurant. Today together with Palamidi, it is a trademark of Nafplio and you can visit it with one of the many boats you will find in the port.

nafplio sightseeing - aethra boutique rooms
nafplio sightseeing - aethra boutique rooms


In Nafplio you will find many beautiful churches worth visiting. A classic choice is the Panagia located in Syntagma Square and it is famous for the Epitaphios (liturgical) ‘s walk in the alleys of the old town on Good Friday. Another choice is the church of Saint Spyridon, where John Kapodistrias was assassinated, and at the point where the bullet was wedged you will now find a glass showcase.


The city has several museums as it has a great history. At the Archaeological Museum you will admire prehistoric and Mycenaean exhibits. At the War Museum you will find objects and relics of the Revolution of ’21. In the Folklore Museum you will get in touch with the tradition of the city, the customs and the habits. Finally, in the annex of the National Gallery there are great works of Greek artists and even if you do not fully understand them, they will surely touch your soul.

nafplio sightseeing - aethra boutique rooms
nafplio sightseeing - aethra boutique rooms

Trianon - The Old Tzami

One of the oldest surviving buildings from the period of the first Ottoman domination, is the Old Tzami (Mosque), which adorns the center of the city of Nafplio. The beautiful building that is located in the Syntagma Square, nowadays it is know as “Trianon” and was during the Ottoman years, a space of religion.

The Land Gate

Underneath the imposing walls of Acronafplia and in front of the first buildings of the Old City, there is a monument which will definitely catch your eye; it is the Land Gate. It can be your meeting point during your holidays in the city of Nafplion.

nafplio sightseeing - aethra boutique rooms
nafplio sightseeing - aethra boutique rooms

The Lion of Bavarians

This is the famous Lion of the Bavarians, created in 1836 by the German sculptor Siegel, when King Ludovik, Othona’s father, asked him to build a monument to the soldiers of the Bavarian Kingdom, who died of typhoid fever between 1833 and 1834. The artist then carved a lion into the rock, like the one that was set up in the Swiss Lucerne, in memory of their compatriots killed in Paris during the French Revolution.


Akronafplia is the imposing rocky peninsula that once was the Acropolis of Nafplio. The Turks used to call it “Its-Kale” that means “inside the fortress”.  You can approach the castle and admire the unique view with many ways: You can go east at Staikopoulos Park and from the Arvanitias square, or you can walk through the “dromoskala” of the Catholic Church and the gate of the Castle of Toroni.

nafplio sightseeing - aethra boutique rooms
nafplio sightseeing - aethra boutique rooms


“Vouleftiko” took its name, because here was the first Greek parliament (Vouli in Greek). From the autumn of 1825 until the spring of 1826, Vouleftiko -which had been formed in the meantime by the architect Vallianos- housed the Greek Parliament. Hence the name of Vouleftiko, known and so called until today.
The building then operated serving several purposes: it housed the Greek School, the ground floor was a prison, and here the Trial of the Chieftains of the Greek Revolution took place, of Th. Kolokotronis and D. Plapoutas.